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Kate Tang experiments with digital illustration, graphic design and jewellery. During a study exchange in Germany, she was inspired and started to develop her ideas on contemporary jewellery.


She enjoys pushing the limits of materials in jewellery making and using daily objects instead of the refined metals and stones. She believes jewelleries are not just decorative objects for bodies and keeps questioning the relationship between the wearables and the wearers, in order to find ways to tell stories.

1997 / Hong Kong

2015 - 2020     

HKBU Academy of Visual Arts

2018 - 2019     

Hochschule Trier - Germany

(Communication Design & Gemstone Design)

Selected Exhibitions


Internal Stub - HKBU Academy of Visual Arts


HKFOREWORD - 10 Chanery Lane Gallery           

AVA Studio Jewellery Exhibition - Loupe @ PMQ

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